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My Favorite Products


Our Favorite Foundational Tools
Think of these like your basic needs for serious success.

Our foundational tools include:
A collar, a harness lead, a double clip training lead, a paycheck pouch, and a boundary

Your Dog's Collar


Your dog should always have a collar on.  

That said, I don't like the regular fancy collars especially for bigger dogs because they generally don't grip well when you need to grab your dog's collar and they aren't very sturdy.

These are my favorite types of collars.  

1) Buckle Closure: so they aren't constantly changing size while on your dog.

2) Made of a heavy duty soft rubberized plastic so they don't collect gross smells, and they're sturdy in your hand.

3) Center Escape Ring: so if your dog does get caught on something, it helps the collar come off your dog's head when pulled hard enough.

4) Name plate ID tag in the collar: no jingling and no losing tags because they snag on something which could also hurt your pup or get them stuck!

Your Leashes


The Harness Lead

this is our required lead for classes, because when put on properly, it's escape proof!  We like to keep everyone safe!

It's also the most multi-functional product we've seen yet, and we love it for just about everything!

Click the link below to learn about just some of the ways we use this great tool!

Keep in mind, we utilize all tools for safety and back up only, we will be creating a relationship between you and your dog so that you aren't dependent on tools for your dog to listen.

Our Recommended Sizing:

Small/ Medium: under 25 pounds

Medium/Large: 25 pounds and over

A Double Clip Training Leash

We also recommend a double ended clip training lead to use
IN CONJUNCTION with the harness lead.  
We use the double ended clip lead instead of a regular long training line for a ton of reasons!  

Again, this is another tool we love because it's multi-functional!  

What Makes a Double Clip Training Leash?

1) has a leash clip on either end

2) Is a flat line (you don't want the bungee lines for this)

3) Generally has multiple connection rings along the leash

4) Is usually about 10 feet long total

Here are some of our favorite ones:

PS: Don't skimp out on this:

This isn't a product you want to go looking for the cheapest one.  
You want something durable and strong with these.

trainng leash

Halti Training Leash

The Halti ones are soft and lightweight and come in 2 sizes, large and small

Blue - Training Coupler Leash

These are the super heavy duty ones.  Thick and have some weight to them.  If you have a crazy strong dog, these are the ones I recommend.

Para Cord Double Ended Training Leash

The Para Cord ones have a different hand feel, and come in lots of fun colors... Just depends what you want to hold onto!

Training Tools - Paycheck Pouches

Training Pouch

If you've worked with me at all, you'll know I don't like the word Treat or Reward.

I prefer Paycheck, because we're paying your dog for their work.  

Not all paychecks are food either.  

That said, I generally work with my dogs with multiple types of paychecks on hand.

Which means 2-3 different values of food and/or toys.

A low level (like your dog's everyday food),
a medium level (like something tasty but not too exciting),
and a jackpot level (oh my gosh give me more)

Necessary Components of My Paycheck Pouches

1) Multiple Pockets (for all the different levels)

2) Deep Pockets (don't want to go spilling those paychecks)

2) No zippers or top flaps where my hand goes in (they just slow you down)

This 3 Pocket Training Apron (the heavy duty one) is my new favorite!  

I love the waitress apron idea, but these pockets carry a little bit of weights so that the openings aren't constantly closing and you don't have to fight to get your hand in.  

It also allows you to have multiple types of paychecks on hand and keep them easily divided and equally accessible!

Think of it as a heavy duty Home Depot apron!

Tool / Waitress Apron

These are also like 78cents at Home Depot in the tool bag area!
(I try to save you money where I can)

These are some other good options too, but you may want more than one, as they are limited in the amount they can hold and the divided pockets for different value paychecks are relatively small and more difficult to access.

These deep pocket ones are great for holding lots of a particular paycheck or even toys!

Just in case you're curious, these are 2 of my favorite "Middle Value" Paychecks!

I always stock my paycheck pouches with my dog's food, and one of these mid-value options

There's more on nutrition and food below too!

Training Tools - Training Belt

Training Belt

If you've worked with me, you know I'm all about SAFETY and BACKUP SYSTEMS FOR SAFETY!  Sometimes it seems a bit redundant, but if you'd seen the things I have you would understand why I take all the precautions I can to avoid bad things even possibly happening.

One tool I really like sometimes is a dog training belt.

This is actually to clip your dog's leash to
(see where that training line could come in handy with the clip on either end)?

Now that said YOU CANNOT JUST CLIP YOUR DOG TO A TREAT POUCH BELT.  They are NOT heavy duty enough, and the buckles aren't meant to withstand force.  

So, what I normally do is toss the cheap belt that comes with my training pouches.  I buy this dog training belt which is heavier duty and I attach my training pouches to that.

I really like this product.  However, the bungee leashes that come with it are NOT what I use as my double ended training line.  You need a flat leash for that.  I keep the bungees in my car so I always have an extra leash though!



Get on board with some BOUNDARY LOVE!  Boundaries are a LITERAL LIFE SAVER!

They're the cornerstone to our training methods that actually get you real life results!

When starting out with training it is important to have a VERY CLEAR boundary for your pup.

This means: you want very DISCERNIBLE EDGES and you want it ELEVATED off the ground!

Lifted boundaries with clear edges teach your dog so so so many things!  As your dog progresses with this boundary skill, then you can (or really they will on their own) utilize boundaries on the ground like mats, and we can even shrink them down the the size of a post-it!  Seriously!

These are some of my favorite types of boundaries.  I always recommend you have at least 2.  

One for your home, and one that travels easily.

Pro Tip: I get the ones that travel easily even for my house, and just cover them with a pretty pad or blanket to that they look nice inside.  This leaves me with 2 travel-able ones which makes them that much more functional!

For Home

You can shop around for fancier pretty ones that match your decor if you would like.  
Searching Pet Cots usually brings up quite a few options!

For Out and About

Think easily fold-up-able (I know not a word, but you get the idea).  

I love the Gigapet cots because they fold flat.  

I also love the Carlson folding cots because they fold up and out as easy and compact as a camping chair.  

Pro Tip: I actually use the Gigapet ones in the back seat of my car to extend the width of my backseat for my dogs to lay on ;), and it also means that I am always traveling with a boundary that isn't taking up unused space!  
I'm all about multi-function if you haven't caught on yet!

A Pad

As I work on the skill of boundary work, I like to get my dogs used to a "lower boundary" that isn't elevated off the floor!

I do this simply by laying a flat boundary ON TOP of my elevated one!

Now the biggest tip here is, you want something that stays put with your dog hopping on and off!  So think rubber backing.

Yoga mats, bath mats, work great

I love these anti slip mattresses because they come in crate sizes and are machine washable!

Special Items

Using A Harness - They're Not All The Same!!!!!

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 11.26.20

#1 - Double Clip Needed!

Well you know by know that we want you to use a harness with 2 clip areas.  This is why we "hack" the harness lead this way!  

This means, there's a clip in the front, near the chest, and a clip on the back for a double ended leash to attach!

#2 - If It's not the harness lead, You want a T Chest Harness

Many "no pull" harnesses stop the pulling by putting restrictions on your dog's ability to MOVE!  This, like using a collar on a walk creates repetitive movement changes in your dogs body that can lead to injury due to long time use!  

You don't want a harness that restricts your dog's normal gait.  

Look for a harness that goes around the neck, and between your dog's front legs like a T down their chest bone, then under their arms!

The harness lead avoids this issue as there are protectors to keep it from tightening on the neck and doesn't impede movement on the front legs changing the gait.

Blue-9 Balance Harness With a Buckle Collar Like Neck

On the occasions where we have dogs who are afraid of something going over their head, the harness lead or other kind of harness is very difficult to get on, and when you do get it on it's a fight that isn't creating a positive association.  So for some dogs we use the buckle neck harness

Why this one?  It's adjustable at ALL it's parts!  This is VITAL for a prope

The Company of Animals - HALTI Walking Dog Harness - Adjustable and Comfortable Secure Fit - Maximum Control for Energetic Dogs

This harness is the one we use for inside the house dogs who need proximity management  It has a great soft handle

It's down side compared to the blue-9 is that the strap along the back is not adjustable.

Training Tools - Special Items

A Muzzle

Wearing a muzzle comfortably is a life skill similar to us people knowing how to change a tire.  I believe every dog should be comfortable wearing a muzzle.

Why?  Well it's a good bet that at some point your dog might need to wear one at the vet.  Or in an emergency if they're hurt.

So, as a life skill, being comfortable wearing a muzzle means we aren't adding stress in an already stressful situation!

I like the baskerville muzzles the best because they're sturdy and easy to train with and have 3 points of contact to keep it on your pup!

A Head Collar - the Halti

Head collars aren't something I always recommend.  Used improperly or on a dog that isn't conditioned with them they can cause damage to your dog's neck.  So when we do use them I always recommend desensitizing your dog to them first (much like a muzzle).  


I prefer the Halti because there isn't a lower clip further restricting your dog's ability to open their mouth with it not in use and only does so when you're in the process of utilizing the head collar.  

Secondly,  I Always use a head collar IN CONJUNCTION with the harness lead or at least a double clip leash and collar.  
A head collar should never be the only point of contact on your dog unless you're 
in a confined safe area.  

Treat n Train

As silly as a food dispenser might seem to some (sure used to to me), these things can be VITAL in working with insecure dogs and confidence building!  

Target Stick

Another awesome tool for insecure dogs!

A Back Scratcher - Seriously

Sometimes those little dog mouths are hard to reach.  A back scratcher is a super handy way to deliver treats without having to hunch over!

Dog Food & Treats


I can't say enough about the importance of your pup's nutrition.

This is a hot button topic for me.

But, if you fed your kids McDonalds for their entire lives would you expect them to be healthy or able to focus and function at their best?  I hope not.

Think about this: All the crap that is allowed in McDonalds food can be better quality than what's allowed in your dog's food!  This means, McDonalds could be healthier than your dog's kibble!

When you're having behavior issues, we Must tackle the diet.  If you're feeding your dog junk food, it is only stacking onto the issues you're seeing behaviorally.  Cleaning up your dog's diet will allow us to remove an added component of the behavior issue.

Don't just take my word for it!  Curious about what I'm talking about?  Check out this book!

Now if you're working with me, you know


But sometimes, you need a bowl.  

Never Plastic for any food with moisture!!!!

and I love slow feeders!


Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 4.00.06 PM.png

Calming Treats

we are in the process of trying this product on some of our cases and have so far seen them take the edge off of stress when used.

Enrichment & Training Toys


Management Tools - Crates & Baby Gates

Management Tools

Petmate Sky Kennel

I like these for the 36" and bigger because they come with a triple point locking door mechanism

Important Detail!:

The MidWest Life Stages and iCrate Wire Crates are different!

The Life Stages are thicker and in my experience taller (even for the same length crates).

I don't recommend the iCrate version even though they're cheaper... there's a reason.

MidWest Exercise Pen / Playpen
Height 24"-48"

I use these for "cheap" or "long" baby gates and use command strips to secure them to walls for extra durability as a room divider.

Wyze Cam Pan

Don't waste your money on an expensive pet camera!

This wyze cam has 2 way talk, 360 degrees rotation, and night vision... and the connection and quality is clearer than any pet camera I've tried!

Frontgate Pet Gates

I love these because they look great and are sturdy, awesome for when relatively continuous spacial management is necessary.  Also great for hard to gate areas like wide doorways

Do More With Your Dog!

My Favorite Dog Care Products

Dog Care

Pet First Aid & Safety Equipment

Pet First Aid & Safety Equipment


To be clear, these items ARE NOT RECOMMENDED AS TRAINING TOOLS, only for emergencies.

Agility & Tricks Equipment

Educate Yourself

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the profits of which help me buy more dog training stuff for all my favorite pups

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