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Some Client Testimonials...

Charlie & Caitlyn

Colleen is not only the most amazing trainer, but she is such a wonderful person. I first met Colleen in a group class and immediately both Charlie and I loved her! Charlie is a boxer/pit mix so he is very stubborn but the most lovable pup. I was looking for someone to not only help train Charlie, but to also train me on how to train Charlie. Colleen knows how to handle all different kinds of dogs with all different behavior issues. After the group class ended I continued having private training with her and Charlie and she has made such a difference! If you are in or near the Santa Clarita Valley and are looking for a dog trainer, Colleen is your girl! Thank you for training and loving Charlie as if he was one of your own fur babies!!!!

Eager to Please Pup Who Needed More to Do | Parks & Rec Class, One-on-One, Train & Trot

Holly & William

Getting a rescue dog is one of the most rewarding exciting heartwarming and scary moments of your life. Our rescue Holly has filled our family with so much love I can't imagine our life without her.  As far as the scary part it had been a long time since we had a new fur baby and to say the least I have a lot of worries anxieties and a few panic attacks that I would not have been able to get through if it had not been for Colleen and her team at RTB Pawsibilities. I didn't realize what an incredible opportunity we were given when we were matched up with Holly and Pawsibilities.

Service Dog in Training In Need of Socialization & Obedience | Puppy Pre-School, Parks & Rec Class

Watson & Tori

Between my family pets and my rescue work, I've utilized several trainers, and Colleen Lange is one of my favorites to call on. She clearly genuinely cares about animals, and her interactions with dogs are patient and consistent. I love her group classes for being reasonably priced, breed and size inclusive, with reactive dogs considered on a case by case basis, but often accepted. Most of all, our dog Watson loves her, which is definitely an endorsement because he's very selective.

A Shy Pup Who is Selective in Who He Likes | Shy Dog Class, One-On-One Training & Dog on Dog Skills

Ollie & Pam

Colleen Lange is an outstanding dog trainer. I could not recommend her more. She brings out the best in not only the dog, but the owner as well. My Oliver, that we rescued from the shelter, was an independent fellow. We both learned so much from her lessons. Colleen also worked on us and our bonding. She is a teacher , a friend, a dog whisperer/zen master. She is priceless <3

Relationship Building Is the Goal! | Group Class With Friends

Rusty & Patti

My pup Rusty had a rough start in life, and was an extremely skittish dog. I always wanted to take him to classes, but I never found a class for his needs. A couple months ago, I saw a Facebook post for a class specifically for shy and scared dogs, and I signed him up! That is where I met Colleen, and through out the 6 weeks saw a different dog! When we started, my dog Rusty was scared to death, but by the end of the class, he had relaxed tremendously! Collen was so understanding of all the pups individual needs, and didn't rush any of them to do something they couldn't handle. This was the first time Rusty was able to be around people, and dogs of all sizes, and was able to be completely unfazed. As amazing as just that was, he also learned new tricks that will help him in dealing with dogs and strangers outside of the classroom. Thanks to Colleen, my Rusty is a more confident and relaxed dog! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone, to help people and their pets!

A Scared Pup who Wanted to Love | Shy Dog Class

Remy & Michele

We adopted our puppy Remy from the shelter at 7 weeks old. After a few months we knew we needed some help. Remy was a very shy dog. He loved us but clearly was skittish. Colleen came to our house. It took a few visits of her sitting on the floor allowing Remy to get used to her. She never forced anything on him. He would smell her, get close and then run back to me. She won his trust. She works with him. He is not the same dog today. He has blossomed into a very affectionate boy. He listens on his leash. He knows commands. He loves Colleen. She has become like family to us. She has made food and supplement recommendations that work well for Remy. She has held puppy classes and shy dog classes that we have attended. We highly recommend Colleen.  "The 2nd photo is Remy looking out the window for Colleen when we tell him she is coming to visit."

A skittish puppy who needed to learn that life is good! | One-on-One Training, Shy Dog Class & Puppy Pre-School

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