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K9 Manners Matter's Spark Team!

A Spark Team is a Free (yes FREE) Online Facebook Group where you can learn how to do tricks with your dog, support and cheer on others, AND submit videos to get them evaluated by a CTDI to earn your trick dog titles!

That's right, you don't have to train with me or a CTDI in person to earn your titles!  You can share videos of your dog performing the tricks required in a facebook group and have a CTDI (me) witness them so you can submit for your title online!

Yup... you and your dog never even have to leave the house!

Ok... I want you and your dog to leave the house, but for some pups, they need some manners before they can do that safely and this is a great way to get started!

What's a Spark Team?

Our owner/trainer Colleen is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) with Do More With Your Dog!  So, as you learn tricks you can advance through DMWYD's Trick Dog Title Levels and earn Official Trick Titles for you and your dog that are also recognized by the AKC!


Right now, our Spark Group contains ALL Levels, because we think seeing the more advanced stuff keep our newest members motivated to keep learning with their dog!  


This group is great for:

- those who can't attend group classes with their pups until they learn some manners 

- those who have a super busy schedule and can't fit in a structured public group class

- those not local to K9 Manners Matter  and can't come to our group class or have private instruction

- those that can't afford private sessions

- those with puppies under 18 weeks where it isn't safe to go out in public

- anyone else who wants to build their relationship with their dog(s)


PS... this group will NOT support or allow the use of compulsive tools (choke chains, prong collars, e-collars).  Training and Bonding should be FUN!  Think FUN NOT FORCE


CTDI: Colleen Lange

Pups Assisting are: Jethro Grizzly Gibbs, ATD the #minimalinois

To get started with learning your tricks... check out the Group's Pinned Post, or

Find Out More about earning your Novice Trick Dog Title: HERE!

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