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Do More With Your Dog's Trick Dog Titles

Do More With Your Dog was created by world renowned trainer Kyra Sundance and is the World's only Official Organizing Body for the sport of Dog Tricks!

Their titles are even accepted by the AKC

You Might Recognize her book: 101 Dog Tricks

Do More With Your Dog's Trick Dog Title Program has 5 levels:

    1. Novice Trick Dog (NTD)

    2. Intermediate Trick Dog (ITD)

    3. Advanced Trick Dog (ATD)

    4. Expert Trick Dog (ETD)

    5. Trick Dog Champion (TDCH)

What Does a Trick Dog Title Mean? 

A trick dog title honors the dog, recognizing him as an intelligent and willing partner. It means that your dog loved you enough to work with you and try to understand you, no matter how crazy your requests and how clumsy your attempts.

A trick dog title honors your commitment to your dog, showing that he was important enough in your life to receive your time, your energy, and your undivided attention. You loved your dog enough to engage him, challenge him, bond with him, and help him achieve a goal.

You believed in your dog even when he failed; and you gave him another chance even
when nobody else would have; and in the end your faith in him was justified.

You are an owner who did more with your dog. And that makes your dog the luckiest dog in the world.

—Kyra Sundance
Owner, Do More With Your Dog!

Tricks?  I Don't Care If My Dog Can Do Tricks...

Tricks and Agility work are a great way to practice obedience while having a ton of fun with your dog.  We believe training should be fun for you too.


Trick training provides lots of things to you and your dog:

  1. Mental and Physical Challenges

  2. A Sense of Accomplishment as a team

  3. It encourages communication between you and your dog

  4. The trick training process actually practices the your dog's manners in a way that shows immediate results.

  5. Tricks are a great way to expose your pup to new things and work on their self confidence. 

  6. Each new trick is a new challenge for you and your dog to figure out together!


What Do You Get When You Submit A Title? 

Most importantly, you'll have built a stronger relationship and working bond with your dog.

Plus the bragging rights and party tricks are pretty neat too!

You'll purchase your Title Certificate and Optional Ribbon

You will get your official Certificate in the mail

You and your dog's name will be added to the DMWYD Official Title Holder's Registry

Your dog will have earned the title suffix for their name

And you'll be off to earning your next trick title!

Only For K9 Manners Matter Clients & Spark Team Members:

If you send me a photo of your dog from the day your pup completed his/her last trick (or your in person title graduation photo) I will put the title patch on the photo and post it to the group!


We will list your trick title and photo on our website!

To earn each official title, a dog and his/her handler, must perform a certain number of tricks of the appropriate difficulty, and they must be witnessed by a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI)

Learn more about each title by clicking on them below:

How Do You Earn a Title?

Trick Dog Champion (TDCH)

earned your ETD Title

submit videos of skills in 9 defined areas

Expert Trick Dog Title (ETD)

Demonstrate 5 Tricks

of Expert skill level

& have NTD, ITD, & ATD title

Advanced Trick Dog Title (ATD)

Demonstrate 5 Tricks

of Advanced or higher skill level

& have NTD & ITD title

Intermediate Trick Dog Title (ITD)

Demonstrate 12 Tricks

of Intermediate or higher skill level

& have NTD title

Novice Trick Dog Title (NTD)

Demonstrate 15 Tricks

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