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Did Someone Say Tricks?

We're an official Certified Trick Dog Instructor through "Do More With Your Dog"!

Training isn’t just about learning Manners! 


We want you to be able to Do More With Your Dog! 

So we’ve added Tricks & Agility to our classes…


Tricks and Agility work are a great way to practice obedience while having a ton of fun with your dog.  We believe training should be fun for you too.


As you progress through K9 Manners Levels, the things you’ll learn will earn you and your dog your Trick Dog Titles through
“Do More With Your Dog!”

Learn More About “Do More With Your Dog” On Their Website!

Why Did We Add Tricks to Group Class?


Trick training provides lots of things to you and your dog:

  1. Mental and Physical Challenges

  2. A Sense of Accomplishment as a team

  3. It encourages communication between you and your dog

  4. The trick training process actually practices the manners that you’re learning in a way that shows immediate results.

  5. Each new trick is a new challenge for you and your dog to figure out together!


Learn More About Trick Dog Titles...


Tricks Aren't Just For Show!


Tricks are really just additional skills your dog can learn and provide extra socialization and exposure to new things that will translate to their everyday environment and build confidence in themselves and you!  

These tricks fall into lots of different categories...

Groundwork Obedience Behaviors

Traditional Favorites

Household Chores

Funny Pooch

Helpful Pooch


Jumping & Catching

Mental Stimulation Games

and much more!  

If you think about the "jobs" done by service dogs, they are really learned behaviors that we put on cue.  The tricks in the program build and start those same behaviors!  How great would it be to have a dog that cleans up his or her own toys!

Want to Get Started With Your Pup?


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