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Initial Behavior Survey

Initial Behavior Survey

If you're interested in working with us (Colleen) please fill out this questionnaire.  It saves us time asking all these questions (which saves you money) and helps us provide the best service possible to you.


K9 Manners Matter's approach is holistic: meaning that I care about your dog's daily routine, mental health, physical health and nutrition as they all effect your pup's behavior. That is why I am asking these kinds of questions too.


Please be as honest as possible in filling out this survey. This is not to judge you, but to help me create the best plan that will help you and your pup succeed in training. The more information you give me the more information I have to help you with your pup.


Please set aside about 15-20 minutes to completely answer this questionnaire. I recognize there are a lot of questions below, but we ask so many to be able to truly help you and your dog.

MULTIPLE DOGS: If you have multiple dogs with different issues that need training, please fill out the form for each dog you are looking for training for.  If you're looking to focus on one dog but have other dogs in the house, you only need to fill it out once.  

Once we receive your questionnaire, we will contact you via text or e-mail based on your response in the survey to schedule a phone call.

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