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Community Canine Program

The Advanced CGC


Must be on file with AKC


Must have passed CGC on file with AKC

10 more test items & 10 optional bonus items

TEST 1: Dog waits under control

Test: Dog stands, sits or lies down and waits under control while the owner:
               - Sits at the registration table and fills out paperwork, or
               - If the test is done in the community, dog waits while owner sits and has a
                  snack or visits with another person

Requirement: Dog waits under control for 3 minutes 

TEST 2: Loose leash in natural situation

Test: Dog walks on loose leash in a natural situation and does not pull. 
          Includes: left turn, right turn, stop, fast and slow pace

Requirements: Left turn, right turn, stop, walk fast, walk slow

TEST 3: loose leash through a crowd

Test: Loose leash through a crowd with distractions
              - at a show or in class, this is tested in a real crowd not in a ring
            - in the community, dog walks on sidewalk, through a crowd at a
               community fair, park on a trail through a busy hallway, etc.


Requirement: no pulling

TEST 4: walk past other dogs at 2 feet

Test: Walk past other dogs 2 feet apart
           - at a show or class, dog walks by dogs waiting in the crowd – dogs 2 feet apart
           - in the community, dog walks by other dogs on trail, sidewalk, hallway, etc.

Requirement: no pulling, no visiting other dogs

TEST 5: sit stay in group

Test: Sit & stay in a small group (3 other people with dogs).
          Owners and dogs are in an informal circle while owners have a conversation
          Dogs are all on owner’s left side, on least; 3 ft apart (at least 30 seconds)


Requirements: Dogs can change position, but cannot visit another dog


TEST 6: person carrying something approaches & pets 

Test: Dog allows person who is carrying something (backpack, computer bag)
           to approach and pet it 
           “May I pet your dog”; item placed on ground before person pets the dog


Requirements: Item placed 2-3 ft from dog, dog should not shy away from the bag or lunge toward it, or put their head inside

TEST 7: leave it

Test: Dog walks by food and follows owner instructions, “leave it.”
           can be food placed on ground or food in dish with wire cover

Requirements: food is 2-3 feet from dog

TEST 8: down or sit stay

Test: Dog is on 20 ft line, owner walks away with back to dog, picks up an item, and returns to dog

Requirements: Dog is on 20 foot line, owner turns back to dog to go pick up item and returns to dog & hands item to evaluator.

TEST 9: recall with distractions - 20ft

Test: Recall with distractions present (coming when called).
          Handler goes out 20 ft off center (not straight line) and calls dog

Requirements: distractions present (person, items, not teasing the dog)

TEST 10: wait at doorway

Test: Dog will sit or stand stay (owner choice) while owner enters / exits a doorway or narrow
         passageway.  Owner calls dog through door when ready.

         Owner may also choose to send the dog through first and have the dog wait for the owner, or

         Owner may choose to have the dog go through the doorway at the owner’s side

10 optional bonus items

A. Car Safety

       1. Gets in crate & tolerates seatbelt

       2. Unloads safely: waits for handler’s cue, does not jump out on own


B. Public Buildings (that allow dogs)

       3. Enters safely (automatic doors with handler)

       4. Down stay in lobby or outdoor area

       5. Walks under control (on leash) while in building

       6. Elevator (enters, remains under control, exits)

       7. Stairs (up, down, under control by handler)

C, Restaurants / Outdoor Cafes (that allow dogs)

       8. Remains under control under/ beside table while owner has meal

D. Off Lead Skills

       9. Walking off leash by owner

       10. Off lead recall (20 ft)

Additional Test Rules


  • All tests are performed on leash.

  • Buckle or slip collars only 

  • No special training collars (choke, pinch, e-collar, or head collars)

  • While harnesses are allowed it cannot restrict movement (like a no jump or no pull harness)

  • Evaluator will supply 20 ft leash for distance test items

Treats / Rewards / Praise: 

  • You may praise and encourage the dog throughout the test 

  • food / treats / toys are not allowed during the test.  

Dismissal During Test / Automatic Failure:

  • Any dog that growls, snaps, bites, attacks, or attempts to attack a person or other dog

  • Any dog that eliminates during testing (unless during item 10 and test is outside)

Additional AKC Tests & Titles

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

  • the initial 10 step test to earning your CGC

urban cgc (CGCU)

  • Demonstrate CGC skills & beyond in an urban setting

  • 10 step set of skills

AKC Trick Dog

  • Do More With Your Dog trick titles are recognized by the AKC

  • Or you can earn the AKC titles separately

S.T.A.R. Puppy

  • Socialization, Training, Activity, & Responsibility

  • For puppies up to 1 year

  • Is an actual class that is at least 6 weeks

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