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My Favorite Foundational Tools


Your Shopping List:

1. Properly Fit Flat Collar With Identification

2. A Boundary / Pet Cot & Pad

3. The Appropriate Harness & Leash Combination

4. A Treat Pouch

5. A Licki Mat / Snuffle Mat


HALTI - dog walking harness

It can be any T shaped 2 point harness, this one is cost effective.

Twist Lock Carabiner

For a smaller dog, a small non locking carabiner is fine.

Zippy Paws 6 ft Leash

It doesn't have to be this leash, I just like this one.

Tool / Waitress Apron

These are also like 78cents at Home Depot in the tool bag area!
(I try to save you money where I can)

Pet Insurance

Yes Really this is that important that it is the top of the list!

You don't want to be caught not being able to afford to care for the pet you love in an emergency!

I've had great luck with Pet's Best Pet Insurance

They offer different illness coverage plans and accident only coverage for $9 a month!

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 11.30.16

Management Tools - Crates & Baby Gates

Petmate Sky Kennel

I like these for the 36" and bigger because they come with a triple point locking door mechanism

MidWest Exercise Pen / Playpen
Height 24"-48"

I use these for "cheap" or "long" baby gates and use command strips to secure them to walls for extra durability as a room divider.

Wyze Cam Pan

Don't waste your money on an expensive pet camera!

This wyze cam has 2 way talk, 360 degrees rotation, and night vision... and the connection and quality is clearer than any pet camera I've tried!

Frontgate Pet Gates

I love these because they look great and are sturdy, awesome for when relatively continuous spacial management is necessary.  Also great for hard to gate areas like wide doorways

Pet First Aid & Safety Equipment

To be clear, these items ARE NOT RECOMMENDED AS TRAINING TOOLS, only for emergencies.

*This page contains affiliate links* 
the profits of which help me buy more dog training stuff for all my favorite pups

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