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Earning Your Intermediate Trick Dog Tile

Are you ready for some Seriously Pawsome Fun?

To earn your ITD Title, you must demonstrate 12 tricks

of Intermediate Level or Higher!

and have earned your NTD Title

Intermediate Title Guidelines: 

Leashes - tricks can be done with or without

Treats - allowed as a lure in only 25% of the tricks submitted (so only 3)

Otherwise, no food until after the trick is performed

Attempts - handler may give multiple cues and have 6 attempts

Helpers - No other person can help with the trick unless needed for a particular trick 

Physical Manipulation - handler cannot physically manipulate or force a dog into a trick

(choke, prong, e-collar)

Modifications - may be made for service dogs, physically limited dogs,
very young (think low impact), and very senior dogs 

Extra Credit Trick - your dog can demonstrate a UNIQUE trick not on the list

Advanced & Expert Tricks count as 2 tricks!

***Tricks may be re-used for higher titles if of a higher skill level***

How To Get Started!

1. Get Practicing!  Watch the Instructional Videos, Watch Others' Videos, Support Others Progress, Ask Questions

2. Show Off Your Skills!

You have a few options:

*** Make a single post for your pup and post all your videos in the comments.

***Make an album of trick videos on your personal profile and post a link to the album in the group

*** Make a single video of all your tricks

*** Post your videos for tricks as you accomplish them!

3. Tag Colleen in the post so she can officially witness your awesomeness

4. Once your tricks have been witnessed, you can submit for your official title on the DMWYD website!

When you submit your tricks:

You'll purchase your Title Certificate and Optional Ribbon

You will get your official Certificate in the mail

You and your dog's name will be added to the Official Title Holder's Registry

Your dog will have earned the ITD suffix for their name

And you'll be off to earning your Intermediate Title!

Only For K9 Manners Matter Clients & Spark Team Members:

If you send me a photo of your dog from the day your pup completed his/her last trick (or your in person title graduation photo) I will put the title patch on the photo and post it to the group!


We will list your trick title and photo on our website!

                                    Intermediate Trick List                                    

  1. Balance and Catch

  2. Balance Ball

  3. Barrel Racing (go around)

  4. Baton Jumping

  5. Body Board / Paddleboard

  6. Carry My Purse

  7. Cik & Cap Jump Wraps

  8. Close a Door

  9. Crawl Tunnel

  10. Directional Casting

  11. Discern Objects Names (3 Objects)

  12. Fetch-to-Hand

  13. Flyball Box

  14. Hand Signals (6 Behaviors With no Verbal Cue)

  15. Heel at Left Side, Automatic Sit

  16. Hide in a Box

  17. Hold an Object in Mouth (5 seconds)

  18. Honk a Bike Horn

  19. Jump Through Circled Arms

  20. Ladder Work (on Ground)

  21. Leg Weave / Figure-8's

  22. Logic test (cookie on a string)

  23. Mail Carrier

  24. Newspaper (from open mailbox)

  25. Open a Door (using any method)

  26. Paper-Covered Hoop / Blind Jump

  27. Pawprint Painting (with easel)

  28. Paws on my Arm

  29. Perch Work

  30. Pick a Card From a Deck

  31. Place (finish to my left side)

  32. Pull on a Rope / Tug

  33. Roll Over

  34. Scootering / Mushing

  35. Shell Game (nose at correct pail)

  36. Side (swing finish to my left)

  37. Sit Pretty / Beg

  38. Soccer (push a ball)

  39. Stacking (for conformation)

  40. Target Mat / Go to Mark

  41. Teeter-Totter

  42. Wave Goodbye

Download the Rules & Complete Trick Lists PDF

All of the tricks on the lists can be found explained in Kyra's books!

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