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AKC Titles

We're Official CGC Evaluators through the AKC

This means, we can officially evaluate your dog for AKC Titles!

Community Canine (CGCA)

  • the Advanced CGC

  • 10 more advanced test items

  • Set in a realistic setting

urban cgc (CGCU)

  • Demonstrate CGC skills & beyond in an urban setting

  • 10 step set of skills

AKC Trick DoG Titles

  • 4 Trick Dog Levels

  • Do More With Your Dog trick titles are recognized by the AKC

  • Or you can earn the AKC titles separately

S.T.A.R. Puppy

  • Socialization, Training, Activity, & Responsibility

  • For puppies up to 1 year

  • Is an actual class that is at least 6 weeks

Canine Good Citizen (cgc)

  • the initial 10 step test to earning your CGC

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