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Basic Commands

Basic commands are things like: sit, stay, come, down, heel, loose-leash walking, automatic sit when you stop walking, and focusing on you.  But again, "basic" is different for each dog so there is no set list of commands for what is taught. 


Bringing home a new puppy is always very exciting, but then sometimes people realize just how much work they've gotten themselves into.  Puppy basics will help you with all you need to worry about when you have a puppy.  It will also start working on the basic commands with him or her.  Yes, even a seven week old puppy is old enough to start learning their manners!

Behavior Evaluations

Not sure what's going on with your pup?  Are you seeing behaviors you don't know what to do with?  Or have you you-tubed and googled till you just can't anymore and are now just all kinds of confused?  That's ok... we're here to help.  Let us come and see what's going on with your pup so we can give you an idea of how you can make it better and manage it.

Relationship Building

We believe that relationship building is key to your dog's training!  It is our number one focus in all the training we do.  A dog that has a relationship with his/her family is more likely to listen and want to do what you ask because you have developed a bond.  

Advanced Work

Advanced work begins working with the goal of the dog being off leash.  This has to start in the home and slowly work up to off-site locations where there are distractions.

Behavioral Issues

We are here to give you advice on how to deal with issues like: jumping, puppy nipping/mouthing, unruly house behavior, begging, stealing from counters, jumping on furniture, excessive barking, inappropriate chewing, coprophagia, housetraining, digging, and bolting, and more. 

Shy / Fearful Dogs

Shy/Fearful dogs are one of our passions.  We know how hard it is to have a dog who is uncertain.  Sometimes they want to run from everything.  Other times they feel they need to defend themselves from what they are worried about.  I want you to know now that there is help.  With a holistic training approach we attack the reasons for the fear from multiple angles.  I work so often with shy fearful dogs, that I have even developed a group class specifically for them.

Reactive Dogs

There isn't anything much worse than having a dog you desperately want to take everywhere and you find out that your dog is reactive to certain things.  Whether it's other dogs, other people, women, men, children, cars, loud noises... the list goes on and on... Our holistic training approach works to desensitize your dog to the stimuli that is really bothering him and her and stabilize their mental state in the presence of those things.

Shelter Dogs

One of my greatest passions is working with shelter dogs.  Both of my dogs are rescues who had severe behavioral problems when I got them.  Bringing home a new dog can be exciting but it can also be stressful.  And you would be surprised how often dogs are returned to the shelter because behavioral issues came up once people got the dog home.  Let me help you bond with your new family member and deal with some of their quirks.  Rescue dogs aren't broken, they have scars from how they have been treated, but they are survivors that often just need a little extra TLC.


One of the biggest keys to success in dog training is consistency.  That means that if you want your dog to sit before you give him his dinner every night, everyone that your dog lives with who feeds him must ask him to sit before he gets his dinner.  This is why I openly invite families to take part in dog training.  It is important that a dog learns to listen to everyone in the family and that everyone has a good relationship with the dog, not only for safety but for everyone to be happy too.


You have a best fur friend and you want to do lots of things with them, but you just can't seem to get them to listen... well that's where I come in.  We can work one on one or in a group setting and we will establish a working relationship between you and your dog and build off of that.

Special Needs Handlers

I get calls all the time from people who are about to give up.  They've been turned down by other trainers and just can't get their dog under control and are about ready to throw in the towel, because the dog's owner has special needs and they need someone who is willing to really work hand in hand with the owner so that they can build a relationship with their dog that works for them.  This is one of my favorite and most rewarding things to do.   

Health & Nutrition

Our training isn't just about what your dog can do or the behaviors he or she exhibits.  We come at training holisticly, from every angle we can and that starts with health and nutrition.  A dog who doesn't feel good won't work well.  And a dog being fed the equivalent of potato chips every day won't be able to focus like a dog on a stabalized nutrition and supplement plan.

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