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Urgan CGC Program

The Advanced CGC


Must be on file with AKC


Must have passed CGC on file with AKC

10 more test items & 10 optional bonus items

TEST 1: enter/ exit doorway public building

Test: Exit / Enter doorway with no pulling in dog friendly buildings

TEST 2: walk through crowd on busy sidewalk

Test: Walk through a crowd on a busy urban sidewalk.  People come toward the dog from 1 foot away, and the dog tolerates distractions (hats, coats, sunglasses)

TEST 3: approriate reaction to city distractions

Test: appropriate reaction to city distractions: movement, noises, and walking on different surfaces
          - NOISES: horns, sirens, construction noise
          - MOVING OBJECTS: skateboard, bike, cart, person running
          - SURFACES: concrete, grass, grates, plastic tarp, wet sidewalk

TEST 4: crossing street

Test: crossing the street


Requirements: stop at corner, stand or sit to wait, cross with no pulling (on leash with owner) crosses street under control

TEST 5: ignore food on sidewalk

Test: Ignore dropped for or food wrappers


TEST 6: person carrying item walks up and pets dog

Test: Dog allows person who is carrying something (backpack, computer bag)
           to approach and pet it 
           “May I pet your dog”; item is not put down before petting the dog.

TEST 7: public building & 3 min down stay

Test: walks under control in building regardless of flooring, down stay 3 minutes while owner waits or has snack

TEST 8: stairs, steps, or elevator

Test: STAIRS: at least 3 up & 3 down
          ELEVATOR: enters, exits and rides under control

TEST 9: housetrained

Test: Owner can verify, Evaluator must have observed in public buildings or in class

TEST 10: transportation 

Test: Owners choice depending on needs
          - CARS: Enters / exits, and remains under control during ride
          - SUBWAY: only if allowed
          - DOG FRIENDLY: enters / exits under control

Additional Test Rules


  • All tests are performed on leash.

  • Buckle or slip collars only 

  • No special training collars (choke, pinch, e-collar, or head collars)

  • While harnesses are allowed it cannot restrict movement (like a no jump or no pull harness)

  • Evaluator will supply 20 ft leash for distance test items

Treats / Rewards / Praise: 

  • You may praise and encourage the dog throughout the test 

  • food / treats / toys are not allowed during the test.  

Dismissal During Test / Automatic Failure:

  • Any dog that growls, snaps, bites, attacks, or attempts to attack a person or other dog

  • Any dog that eliminates in inappropriate areas during testing 

Additional AKC Tests & Titles

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

  • the initial 10 step test to earning your CGC

Community Canine (CGCA)

  • the Advanced CGC

  • 10 more advanced test items

  • Set in a realistic setting

AKC Trick Dog

  • Do More With Your Dog trick titles are recognized by the AKC

  • Or you can earn the AKC titles separately

S.T.A.R. Puppy

  • Socialization, Training, Activity, & Responsibility

  • For puppies up to 1 year

  • Is an actual class that is at least 6 weeks

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