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All That Nutrition Talk...

One of the 1st Things I Talk About With All My Clients is Nutrition...

Below is a Perfectly Balanced Diet for Your Fur-Kid That Won't Break Your Bank

Sportmix Wholesomes

Chicken & Rice

Coconut Oil:

Virgin, Cold Pressed



Before Feeding

Feed Your Pup 2x Per Day ~ 12 hours apart

Feed Appropriate Amount of Food,

Add Coconut Oil & Honey

Soak Food First With Warm Water to Help Prevent Bloat

Let it Absorb the Water Before Feeding

Dog's weren't meant to eat dog food.  That was something humans created for convenience and a way to utilize scraps.  

Cooking your own dog food isn't as hard as it sounds, but we know that not everyone has time to spend cooking for themselves... so with that in mind, here are the 3 best options of dog food for your furry family member.

Pictures Link to

Anything Honest Kitchen

Human Grade Food

Sportmix Wholesomes

Chicken & Rice

Earthborn Holistic

For Sensitive Stomachs

Sportmix Wholesomes Chicken & Rice

This is typically what I recommend for my clients to start with, as long as there are no chicken allergies.


It's about $30 for a 40/lb bag

  It is made by Earthborn Holistic.

It is Wheat, Corn, and Soy Free

It is NOT Co-packed

meaning it isn't made in a plant that packs multiple brands of dog food where there could then be contamination.

It is USA sourced and manufactured
(except for ingredients you can't get here that are sourced outside the USA even for humans)

They Create Their Own Vitamin Block

Most dog food companies do not purchase individual vitamins, they use a "block" created by a company that is sourced in China.

Sportmix Wholesomes IS NOT the same food as Sportmix.  Please do not purchase a Sportmix line.  

Where to Find it in SCV:

The Naked Dog

Canyon Pet Center

Pet Supply

Coconut Oil



Start Small:


I always recommend starting with 1/4 teaspoon. 

Then increase the amount 1/4 teaspoon per Week

until you get to the recommended amount!

Best Treat Options

Anything Honest Kitchen

Human Grade Food

Yummy Chummies

Grain Free

Bloat & Ways to Help Prevent It

What is Bloat?

Bloat is the common name for gastric torsion.  It is when the stomach or intestines twist in on themselves.  The twisting traps the stomach’s contents (air, food, water) and creates an obstruction.   It is very similar to colic in horses. 


Bloat is an Emergency  that requires immediate surgery and is deadly if not caught and treated in time.  Some versions of bloat cannot even be reversed with surgery.   It is still not entirely understood why bloat occurs, but we have some ideas on how to decrease a pup’s chances. 


Distended Stomach, drooling, panting, obvious discomfort, restlessness, trying to vomit and nothing happening. 



The percentages of bloat risks are reduced substantially by following the below Recommendations:   

  1. Do not feed completely dry kibble!!!!!  Dry kibble should be soaked in warm water and allowed to expand prior to being fed to your dog…

  2. No intense exercise one hour of either side of a meal before or after.

  3. Feed 2 small meals, as close to 12 hours apart as you can

  4. Feed your pup in a slow feeder bowl (metal only) that is on the ground (no raised bowls) see below!
    Raising the food bowl off the floor is unnatural and increases the amount of air your pup consumes.

  5. No wheat or corn in the dog food

  6. Substitute carrots for treats to keep the excess weight off your hound.

  7. Excessive drinking or excessive panting is signs of concern.

  8. Familiarize yourself with your new pup’s gum color and texture – changes in the gums can
    indicate if emergency vet care is required,


  9. Keep gas-X Soft Gels on hand.  Should you notice your pup’s abdomen becoming extended
    and hard, give 2 gas-x (gel caps, pierced first with knife) and immediately travel to your
    losest veterinarian. 


Here’s a visual of soaking the food:
What happens when you put warm liquid on dry dog kibble?  It absorbs the liquid and expands!  If you feed dog food dry, it mixes with the digestive juices in the stomach and absorbs it and expands!  This means that the size of the food in your pup’s stomach is going to get MUCH bigger!  This distension could cause bloat, so to help avoid it, we mix the dry kibble with warm liquid and allow it to expand PRIOR to your pup eating it.  This means that it’s not going to expand as much in your pup’s stomach!  

Slow Feeder Bowl

These are the slow feeder bowls I use for my pups.  It's important to remember that it is bad to feed your pups from plastic bowls as it leaches chemicals... please be sure to use metal.

buy from: 

Drs. Foster and Smith Website

Golden Paste for Dogs: 

This is great for pain and inflammation for you and your pup.

Thanks to Dr. Karen Becker and Planet Paws

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