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The Harness Lead...

 I don't endorse many products... I'm not a "latest gimick" trainer, as I fully believe that you have 2 things to control your dog at all times: your voice, and your hand signals.  However, the Harness Lead is something I just can't get enough of when it comes to safe and secure handling for my pets and my clients.  And quite often it puts me out of a job.  People call me to help with their dog's pulling and I bring them a harness-lead.  They don't need me for pulling after that!

How To Put it On Properly...

Works On All Sizes!

What's so great about this Harness Lead?

No Leash Required! The Harness Lead is ALL in One!

This product is ALL in One!  You don't have to take a leash with you, because it's already a part of the harness lead!  No breaking plastic buckles or tightening areas.  And the greatest part is that the leash part is still about 6 feet long once the harness lead is on your pet!  Even better, it's very easy to shorten it to keep your dog closer, or keep it long to do distance work!

It's Like Having Your Own Custom Made Leash!

One of the great things, is that the Harness Lead works with ALL body types.  That means you don't have to struggle to find a head collar or harness that actually fits your pup.  This is a dream come true for dog owners whos dogs have small heads and big bodys, or short or extra long noses... you'll understand the amount of frustration saved.  

Harness Lead conforms to your individual dog's body and sits comfortably against them so no extra adjusting required and no chance of escape due to one part that doesn't fit right!  I've used them on 100lb giants, and itty bitty 6 pound pups... even my cat!

It's Escape Proof!

As long as it is put on correctly, the Harness Lead is Escape Proof!  That makes it one of the safest tools you could possibly use on your pup.  The same can't be said for a regular harness.  It is also one piece... no clips or tightening areas, so there's no flimsy plastic to break!

Why Can't I Just Use A Harness?

I can go on and on about the flaws and dangers of harnesses... I hate them.  

Firstly, they are designed so that you are working against one of the strongest parts of your dog's body... their chest.  This doesn't actually help with pulling or handling issues...

Secondly, they are easily escaped.  In order for a regular harness to be as safe as possible, you have to adjust EVERY clip and fitting area EVERY TIME YOU USE IT! I don't know a single owner that does this.  And even doing this doesn't make them escape proof.  Harnesses are things of my nightmares because all it takes is for a dog to decide he/she wants to go backward for them to slip out of their harness and be loose.  I can't tell you the number of times I've seen this happen and people have lost their dogs.  This is exactly the reason I started SCV Missing Pets.  

Why Is the Harness Lead Better?  It isn't a Harness by itself.  There's only one piece all connected and it fits it self to your dog's body every time you use it.  It also tightens slightly if your dog pulls or goes backwards making it so that your pup cannot slip out.  It also doesn't pull against your dog's chest.  It leads them with light pressure when you move if they aren't paying attention.

Why Not A Gentle Leader?

Gentle Leaders were extremely popular for awhile.  I don't love them for a few reasons.  One is because getting the dog to adjust to wearing something on his or her face takes time and makes the dog very uncomfortable.  I often have clients complain their dog flips like a fish when they put it on, or just pancakes to the floor and won't move.  They are also scary for unknowing passerby's who thing your dog is on a muzzle.  Thirdly, they are a hazard to your dog's neck and spine if they flip or you move quckly in an opposite direction and jolt their head.

The great thing about the Harness Lead, is that if you're having issues getting your dog to follow your movements, you can make your own head collar with it when it's on!  Which is amazing because it means you only have to use it exactly when you need it, or if you need extra backup and then you can take it right off and be back to walking normal.  Becasue I do know that sometimes having a head collar in areas of high distraction is very helpful for your dog's safety and your peace of mind.  See the video below on how to add a head collar to your harness lead!

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My Videos on just some of the many ways to use the Harness Lead...

How to Put the Harness Lead On...

It's very important that you put the harness lead on the right way so that it is Escape Proof!  


1. Put the head loop over your dog's head.

2. Take the rope down the opposite side of the hole in the collar and put it under your dog's elbows.

3. Bring the handle back up and put it under and through the hole in the collar.

4. Bring the stopper down close to the dog's back.

5. Check to see that the rubber stoppers are on either side of the silver ring, and sitting at your dog's shoulder.

Now get walking!

How to Make the Harness Lead Shorter

How to Lock it so it Can't Tighten

Use as a Simple Slip Lead

As a Slip Lead With a Stopper

As a Slip Lead for a Head Shy Dog

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How to Leave it on While You Work

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As an Emergency Seat Belt

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