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Humane - Holistic - Relationship Based 

We Offer & Specialize In K9 Manners & More...

If you're new to the K9 Manners Matter Pack, Welcome!  Click the link below to get started!


We Aren't Like Other Trainers... 


We focus on MANNERS & Behaviors!

We don't just focus on obedience!

We want to show you how to get 
Real - Life Results that lead to a well behaved dog!

 Meaning your dog knows how to behave when you don't even tell them what to do!


We Actually Teach Your Dog How To Behave on Their Own AND When You Ask.

All Without Intimidation, Force, Choke Chains, Prong Collars, Shock Collars, Pain, or Fear

We will show you how to get your dog to Actually Respect You, not to be afraid of you or what you're going to do to them.

We show you how to get your dog to WANT TO WORK WITH YOU not feel like they have to to avoid fear or pain!

We want to show you How to interact with your dog in a way that they understand and want to participate in with you.

We get real life results because we show you How to Harness Your Dog's Instincts, not work against them!

New Hours: Private Sessions Wednesday - Saturday   Group Classes: Sundays

Closed: Monday & Tuesday

Welcome... Please take a look around.  

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back and forth which saves us both time and  which also saves you money!  

Call/Text: 661-513-4PET    E-mail:

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 Basic Commands | Puppies | Behavior Evaluations | Relationship Building | Advanced Work | Behavioral Issues
Shy / Fearful Dogs | Reactive Dogs | Shelter Dogs | Families | Individuals | Special Needs Handlers | Health & Nutrition

and more...

K9 Manners Matter in SCV | How Can We Help You and Your Dog

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K9 Manners Matter in SCV | Book a Session

Trainer Corner

K9 Manners Matter also provides mentorships and assistance to other dog trainers!  We have a pay it forward philosophy and believe in helping each other for the betterment of dogs everywhere!

Client Corner

K9 Manners Matter in SCV | About Us

We offer Private Sessions, Semi-Private Sessions & Group Classes!

K9 Manners Matter in SCV | About Us

Daytime Drop Ins

We offer Daytime Drop-In Sessions too!

Training Options / Services

K9 Manners Matter in SCV | Group Classes

We have a levels based group class program that is based off your skills and what you learn with your dog.

K9 Manners Matter in SCV | Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Trick Dog Training & Title Testing!

We're certified Trick Dog Instructors!  Learn more about tricks and earning your Trick Dog Title With Us.

Our Group Class Program

K9 Manners Matter in SCV | About Us

Learn about who we are & what qualifications we have

K9 Manners Matter in SCV | Our Training Style

Learn About Our Training Philosophy & Style

We believe in Relationship Based - Force Free Training.

Want to Know More About Us?

The Harness Lead

K9 Manners Matter in SCV | Our Favorite Products



K9 Manners Matter in SCV | AKC CGC Evaluator
K9 Manners Matter in SCV | Submit Trick Dog Title

Submit Trick

Dog Title

AKC CGC Training & Testing

K9 Manners Matter thanks those who give service to those in need by offering discounted rates.
Training the K9 way...
There is no greater desire in a dog's life than for a forever home and a well trained human.

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What's Going on At K9 Manners Matter...

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