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Meet Sarah & Sunny

Ya'll this girl is a hero.

I don't use that word lightly, or almost ever.

But, 12 year old Sarah is battling
stage 4 brain cancer, and despite her situation, Sarah manages to smile through it all.

She wakes up fighting, and hoping to spread joy to others.

I met Sarah when she was given Sunny her service dog in training. 

Sarah and her family could use all the support we can give them right now!

Keep reading to see how!

sarah and sunny bkg.jpg

Support Sarah & Sunny!

Getting a puppy was Sarah's #1 Wish!  An amazing friend reached out and was able to have Sunny donated to Sarah.  

This is how I met Sarah and Sunny.  

And the moment I met this girl, I knew she was special and I knew my heart was in for a rollercoaster.  I've dealt with my fair share of medical issues that create difficulties in my daily life, but nothing I've face compares to what this young girl has had to go through.  Despite all of that, she does it with a smile.  

And as if that wasn't enough... this girl is THE Most Dedicated client I've ever had when it comes to working with her pup, and boy is she a Natural!  I've never had someone grin from cheek to cheek when receiving homework, but this girl lights up the room the more you give her to work with her pup.  

So here's the deal.  Kids are expensive as it is, but cancer? No kid should have to go through this and cancer is expensive.  Recently, they just learned that Sarah's tumor has grown.  She had to have brain surgery yet again, but they couldn't get all the tumor.  Sarah's time is limited and her family needs all our help to help them get through this time as free of every day burdens as possible so they can just focus on their girls and being there for them right now. 

So What Do I Need From Ya'll?

Support!  Sarah LOVES spreading joy and happiness to others, and when you feel crummy sometimes it's nice to have something else to focus on and have a bunch of people cheering you on!

How Can You Support Sarah, Sunny, and the family?

1 - Donate 

This way we can get Sarah and Sunny all the care and supplies they need to work together.  Allowing them to focus on each other and not the stress of what they need and don't yet have.


2 - Support!

Follow Sarah on social media to follow her journey.  Sarah believes sharing her journey is part of her purpose, so the more people who can be reached by her story and strength the better! 

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How You Can Help

Donate Now!

Go Fund Me

Donate Directly to Sarah's Go Fund Me to Support Sarah's Care & Needs

These Funds Go Directly to Sarah's Family!



This goes straight to Sarah's Mom




This goes straight to Sarah's Mom Kathleen.


Choose How You Wish To Donate...


Other Ways You Can Help!



Donate Directly to Sarah's Go Fund Me to Support Sarah's Care & Needs

These Funds Go Directly to Sarah's Family!

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If you don't want to donate funds directly, gift cards are always welcome!



Or Sarah's Favorite Restaurants:

Black Angus, Panera, In N Out, Chick Fil A, and Toppers

Electronic Gift Cards can be sent to:

Please contact Colleen directly for where to send them!

Send Supplies!

Gift Cards

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