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K9 Manners Class - Pre Course Reading


Now If That Wasn't Bad Enough...

Not only are we NOT EXPLAINING it to them in a way they can understand, 

But, then

This is a hard one for us humans because we always want to help our dogs to understand and think that making them doing it faster means we did a good job... well, you're not gonna like that I'm gonna tell you, faster with help isn't better than slower on their own.

Here's were we get into the big issue

Obedience VS a Behavior Code (Instilling Manners)

I have dogs that can do a sit down stay till the cows come home, but I let them in a house and they're bulls in a china shop because they don't have manners!  

They only know, what to do when someone has their attention and is telling them to do that... good luck with that off leash...

Enter the biggest issue of conventional obedience dog training and behavior problems!  One doesn't really help the other.  

So What's the difference in a way you can understand?

Here's a Human Example:

Think about raising a child (it's metaphorical, relax).

You raise them over 18 years teaching them right from wrong, how to take care of themselves, and instill them with what you believe to be a good moral code (ok I hope you would).

When a child is young, you help them brush their teeth, make their bed, tie their shoes, clean their room, do their homework (ok I'm a dog trainer, you're on your own with kids if yours don't do this).

Then at some point you hope you don't have to constantly explain these tasks to them or even remind them to do them... they just do because you've TAUGHT THEM!

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