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K9 Manners Class - Pre Course Reading


Stop Helping Them Cheat!

So why don't we apply this to our dogs?

Dogs are dogs!  Barking, Chewing, Destruction, Running, All the things we find ANNOYING in our human world, THEY'RE JUST DOG BEHAVIORS.

And yet, we are constantly getting mad at our dogs or say they're doing it on purpose when really, they just don't know better or what to do instead.

So lets teach our dogs a behavior code 


How many of your dogs know sit, but they only listen on the 5th time you ask?

That's because they know they don't have to sit until the 5th time anymore!

What if you could ask for it Once, or better yet? Not ask at all because they know they're supposed to!

Yup = Dog Owner Heaven I know!

So stop giving them the "cheat sheet" to the test!

Stop adding in commands and "hints" or they become RELIANT on hearing or seeing those things before they make the choice to do a behavior.

It's like always letting a kid have a cheat sheet on a test.  They don't study as hard or know the subject as well because they don't need to, they'll have the cheat sheet!

Guess What?  You repeating yourself, or giving hints... that's your dog's cheat sheet!  

So stop helping them cheat already!  Ask Once and WAIT, even if it takes half an hour, because the learning they will get from it will be so much stronger than if you help them along!


Just don't ask in the first place, and wait til they show you the behavior on their own and pay it!

Your dog is smarter than you think... they'll catch on.

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