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K9 Manners Class - Pre Course Reading

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But I Want My Dog To Do More Than Sit

I know I know!  And we WILL get there!

Class is going to be about Me teaching You to teach Your Dog!

And I'll be teaching you different ways to PLAY yes PLAY with your dog to get your dog to do just about anything you want them to do!

Now though, we have to get into:

How are you Communicating with your dog?

Did you know dogs don't speak English?  Ok, that shouldn't be a shocker.  

But the problem is, most humans don't speak dog either!  

Because, we're doing it wrong!  

Dogs primarily speak to each other through body language (posture and movements) 

where as, us humans use our voice first and body language second.  

So really more than anything, your dog is watching your physical body language

and listening to the TONE of your voice

when they're trying to figure out what it is that you want them to do. 

Think about that for a second.  Are you effectively using those two things when trying to get something out of your dog?  Are you using your body language and tone as your explanation?  Or are you using English?

Which might as well be me telling you to Platz!  No Platz!  Why aren't you lying down?  Bad Human!

See my point?  You don't know German just as much as your dog doesn't know English.

And yet, we constantly are getting mad at our dogs for NOT doing what we ask... 

And really it's because... well, we NEVER TAUGHT THEM IN A WAY THEY CAN UNDERSTAND!

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