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K9 Manners Class - Pre Course Reading


Things to Start NOW!

#6 Think About How You Can Set Your Dog Up To Succeed

Ok I'm beating this one to death I know...

but that shows you how important it is!

Take a few minutes and think of 3 ways you can change your dog's environment to set them up for success!

Setting Your Dog Up For Success Tools! = MANAGEMENT TOOLS

Setting up for success doesn't always mean not involving your dog.  The #1 way to achieve this is through Managing your Dog's Environment!  Set your dog's environment up for them to succeed!

Examples: Crates, Baby Gates, X-Pens, A Leash, A Dog Run


Your dog darts out the front door: - put a gate at the entryway so your dog doesn't have access to the front door.  


If you aren’t sure how your dog will respond to something, don’t expose him/her to in in an uncontrolled way or environment.  


If you can’t supervise your dog who destroys furniture, don’t let them have free rein in a room or in your home.

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