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K9 Manners Class - Pre Course Reading

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Things to Start NOW!

#5 No More Free Lunches ... or Anything Else

So basically this means those PAYCHECKS we talked about?  

They aren't free!  Anything your dog WANTS OR NEEDS

They have to do something to get it!

Stop paying your dog for not doing their chores!  

Your dog needs mental stimulation and rules to be a happy stable “person”. So with this in mind, make your dog work for the things he/she likes.


At dinner time, wait for your dog to sit before you put the food bowl on the floor. If they get up from the sit before you release them with an “OK” cue, raise the bowl back up, and wait for the sit again, until you can place the bowl on the floor.


If your dog loves to be scratched and pet, ask for a sit before you pet them.


If they love to chew on a bone, ask for a down, before you give them the bone, but make sure you are only asking for things you know they know! 



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