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K9 Manners Class - Pre Course Reading


Things to Start NOW!


If you think about when we interact with our dogs in our busy lives, it's generally one of 2 times.  

1 - Dog time that we've set aside in our schedule

2- When them doing something annoying is interrupting us doing our thing 

Ever notice how we generally therefore ignore our dogs the 90% of the time they're making good choices and only talk to them to get irritated the 10% of the time they're doing things we don't like?


No wonder our dogs misbehave!  They just want attention! 

So what are us humans to do?  Acknowledge when they're making good choices!  Be their marathon cheering squad!  If they chose to lay down by you instead of jumping all over you, acknowledge it!  If they're calmly asleep go drop a paycheck and walk away!


We want to teach your dog a word that is going to mean that they did something right and you are very proud of them. So make sure when you say “GOOD” after your dog does something you like whether you asked for it or not, you say GOOD in a positive tone.

Eventually when we faze out using treats, your dog will be rewarded by you saying “Good”. Remember to always say “GOOD” BEFORE you give your dog a paycheck. 


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