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K9 Manners Class - Pre Course Reading


Translated, You can't expect your dog to learn if...

If they don't feel well, their behavior is going to be off or they might be more reactive and grouchy.  If they're getting crumby food, they're going to be hopped up on sugar which makes focusing on manners really hard!

Practicing behaviors is only part of the picture, and in this class we're going to help you improve ALL THE ASPECTS of your dog's life so they can be the happiest and healthiest version of themselves.

You can't expect your dog to behave at their best if they don't feel good, are hopped up on sugar, or haven't had any exercise!

That's why we don't just focus on teaching manners, but instead we focus on the ENTIRE picture of your dog's life!

The physical, mental, and emotional health of your dog all impacts their behavior and whether or not they "Behave."

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