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K9 Manners Class - Pre Course Reading

IMG_6682 copy.jpg

How we're going to do this...

Glad you're curious!  

We're going to PLAY with our dogs!  

Yup, you read that right!

I'm going to show you HOW TO INTERACT with your dog in a way that BUILDS THEIR BEHAVIOR CODE...

ok.... how you ask?

I'm going to show you things to actually DO with your dog that build their Manners into them like a moral compass... but we're going to call it a Behavior Code!

First we have to talk about motivations for your dog though!  

Let me ask you something: 


If your paycheck was on your windshield every morning, would you go to work?

If you only got paid ONCE a YEAR would you be the model employee the first 360 days?
Or just the last 5?

Welcome to WHY your dog doesn't listen to you... they don't NEED TO to get things they WANT or NEED

Your Dog's paycheck is sitting on the floor in their bowl for them for what one sit? Maybe?


Your dogs is behaving ALL day long (ok 90%) and you're only really paying them once or twice every 24 hours...

Starting to see the issue?

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