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K9 Manners Class - Pre Course Reading

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Pro Tips - The Secret to K9 Success!

#5 Don't Put you or your dog in a situation you aren't comfortable with.

This one's a bit of a no-brainer I know.  

But, if you're worried about whether or not something is going to go well... your dog can tell.  That's going to put them on edge, and increase the likelihood that something is going to go sideways.

THE SECRET: There isn't anything your dog HAS to be involved in

If you aren't 99.9% sure of how something with your dog is going to go... there's no reason to do it.  

Read Practice makes Perfect yet again!

If you don't know how your dog will do if they get attacked at the dog park - don't take them to a dog park

If you don't know how they will react to kids running by - don't walk them by an elementary school at the end of the school day

Catching on?  They're better off NOT PARTICIPATING!

Find something else to do with your dog later!  It's okay for them to stay home!

It's actually better for them than something going bad!

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