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K9 Manners Class - Pre Course Reading

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Pro Tips - The Secret to K9 Success!


What the heck is that?  
This is your how do I get out when my dog won't stop go to!  
If your dog just won't listen, or is too excited to listen, take 10 or so pieces of food and throw them around on the ground.

THE SECRET: Scatter Feeding is your new BFF!

We'll talk in Week 1 more about how this applies when working with your dog.  

But, for now, know that if your dog is basically having a moment (think back to the excited not processing or able to learn mode we just talked about), take 10 or so pieces of food and throw them on the floor where your dog can see them.

What does this accomplish?  A lot actually!

1) It redirects your dog's attention

2) It engages their nose which generally means they can't do that and use their voice

3) It brings down their emotional level to something calmer!

Try IT!

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