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K9 Manners Class - Pre Course Reading


Pro Tips - The Secret to K9 Success!


 You know the old saying, "Practice Makes Perfect"? 

Well it's true.

The bad thing here is that whether your dog is practicing a behavior you like or a behavior you don't, practice still makes it perfect!

THE SECRET: Set Your Dog Up For Success

 So now what? Your dog is constantly practicing behaviors you don't like!

Don't worry because now you're armed with the knowledge that it's making it isn't helping AND I'm gonna tell you what to do about it!

Set your dog up for success.  This means, don't put your dog in a situation where they get to practice the decisions and behaviors you don't like!!!!

Don't even give them the chance to make the bad choice.  Be smarter than your dog.  

HUMAN EXAMPLE: You don't tell your kids to stay away from drugs and then go drop them off at the closest drug corner and drive away.  And expect that they 100% won't buy drugs.  

I know, bad example, but it's kinda the truth.

Just like you don't take an alcoholic into a bar and expect them to make the right decision not to drink.  

You can do these EVENTUALLY (well, that's the hope, but not yet).

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