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K9 Manners Class - Pre Course Reading


Pro Tips - The Secret to K9 Success!

#2 Just GET OUT!

This one drives me crazy.  I hear people telling people to do this all the time.  And I see people doing it all the time with their dogs.  

If you're in a sticky situation with your dog... GET OUT!

DON'T: ask for a sit and focus and try to hold them in place while another dog walks by. 

Remember ... not ready for the drug corner!

THE SECRET: Just Get Out ... ASAP

 Yup, you're going to come across situations where your dog finds something sooooo distracting they just can't focus on you.  This could be a leaf on the ground or another dog barking and lunging at them.  The idea here is, don't try to "take advantage of this as a learning opportunity!!!"


Because it's been proven that once dogs are in a state of Over Excitement - THEY DON'T LEARN!

So, Just get out.  Turn and walk the other way, cross the street, go home, whatever it takes.  

Along those lines try your best not to give your dog a bunch of commands either in these moments as they don't learn AND THEY CAN'T PROCESS unless you've taught them to do so in this state.

Then LATER (72 hours) after this, break the situation down into smaller more manageable chunks and tackle those so your dog learns how to respond to you in those situations!

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