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Your Pet Medicine Cabinet

Prepare for an emergency by having important tools on hand.

This page is a work in progress... more items will be added soon!

Please Remember this page is NOT TO REPLACE THE ADVICE OF A VETERINARIAN, and You should not give your pet any medication without checking if it is okay with your veterinarian first.

This is NOT MEANT AS MEDICAL ADVICE, Only as a list of medicines / supplements to have on hand and why.

This is my Medicine List...

I will be updating this page to include links and more info, but for now, here's the basic list...

-     Antibiotic ointment

-     Flea and tick prevention

-     Povidone iodine prep pads

-     Saline

-     Gas – X

-     Benadryl

-     Homeopathic Kit

-     Colloidal Silver 500ppm

-     Lavender Oil

-     Coconut Oil

-     Blue Power Ear Treatment

-     Vanilla Ensure Plus

-     Hydrogen Peroxide

-     Pepcid AC

-     Eye Rinse & polysporin

-     Ice packs

-     Activated Charcoal

-     Colostrum

-     Styptic Powder

-     YB


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