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Commonly Prescribed Pet Medications

I'm just going to say this right here: I AM NOT A VETERINARIAN.  The purpose of this information is not to diagnose, treat, or heal any dog or client.

This information is meant to educate pet owners about pet medications and give them the tools to have informed discussions with their veterinarians and make informed decisions.  

Is your vet prescribing a human drug to your pet?  Sometimes, vets prescribe medications that you have to pick up at a human pharmacy, and your vet doesn't keep on hand.  Pet insurance doesn't cover human pharmacy medications and neither will your human insurance (we know bummer).  But, we always recommend you check the app GOOD RX... it's like coupon insurance for medications!  It has saved us tons!

When we as humans get medications, we go to the pharmacist who has a talk with us about what to watch for and important things to note about each medication we have been prescribed.  I often find that owners just go along with what their veterinarian recommends without any real conversation as to options and why that one and not another.  So, below are Plumb's Veterinary Medication Guides for commonly prescribed medications similar to info you would get from your pharmacist.  

Plumb's Veterinary Medication Guides

I WILL NOT Personally use the medications below in RED.  The ones in Orange, we use only as a last resort.

Behavioral Medications
Pain Medications
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