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K9 Manners Level 3


In Level 3:


In level 3 we start getting closer to each other and fazing out the treats!


By the end of Level 3, you'll have earned your “Intermediate Trick Dog Title”


What's Covered in Level 3?

​Advancing Skills

  1. Place 

  2. Touch / Come

  3. Sit

  4. Focus 

  5. Heel Walking 

  6. Sit/Stay/Down

  7. Excite / Settle

  8. Puppy Pushups 

  9. Middle

  10. Go Say Hello

  11. Settle

  12. Back Turned – sit & down

New Manners / Skills

  1. Place between 3 marks

  2. Leave it

  3. 3 Minute Settle

  4. Heel 3 ways

  5. Wave Goodbye

  6. Paws up on my arm

  7. cik & cap jumps

  8. leg weave

Intermediate Tricks Title

(12 tricks)

  1. Target mat / go to mark

  2. Directional casting

  3. 6 hand signals

  4. Heel left side auto sit

  5. side (swing to left)

  6. paws on my arm

  7. wave goodbye

  8. cik & cap jumps

  9. roll over

  10. shell game - nose

  11. tug

  12. leg weave / figure 8's

Each dog and handler team work at their own pace, so if you miss a class, you aren't really "behind".  

However, each class has "Homework Goals" for where to be at with your skills by the next class, that get slightly more difficult each week and include new things.

The idea here is to exceed the training level required to pass the level.  So just because this is the list to pass the level itself, it doesn't mean that's where we stop learning.  If you're past the level on a certain behavior, practice it at whatever level you want to continue improving.

Please keep in mind we are still refining our Higher Levels, so the requirements are subject to change.

Skills to Move Up to Level 4

Below is what each handler and dog team must be able to show in a group setting to move up to Level 4. 

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