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K9 Manners Level 2


In Level 2:


We really start to "proof" the manners you developed in Level 1.

We also start testing your relationship with your pup by introducing tricks

and beginning agility pieces. 

We will also be working behaviors on a "long line".


By the end of Level 2, you'll have earned your “Novice Trick Dog Title”


What's Covered in Level 2?

​Proofing Level 1 Skills

  1. Attention on you in Public

  2. Name Game

  3. Place 

  4. Touch 

  5. Sit

  6. Focus 

  7. Loose Leash Walking 

  8. “WAIT” and “OK”

  9. Come 

  10. Down 

  11. Sit/Stay 

  12. Excite / Settle

  13. Puppy Pushups 

  14. Middle

  15. Go Say Hello

  16. Settle

  17. Back Turned – sit & down

New Manners / Skills

  1. Place between 2 mats at 3 feet.

  2. Hand Signals Only for 3 behaviors

  3. Hand Signals Only for 6 behaviors

  4. Crawl

  5. Paws up on an Object

  6. Hoop Jump

  7. Take a Bow

  8. Onto a Pedestal

  9. High Five

  10. Lay Over

  11. Bow

Novice Trick Title

(15 tricks)

  1. Come

  2. Crawl

  3. Doggy Push Ups

  4. Down

  5. Follow Pointed Finger

  6. Food Refusal 

  7. Middle / Peekaboo

  8. Shake Paw

  9. Sit

  10. Stay

  11. Touch (hand target)

  12. Hand signals 3 behaviors

  13. Walk on a loose leash

  14. Paws up on object

  15. Bow

Goals for Skills Level by Last Class

  1. Wait for your dog to focus on you & reward (with no lure)

    • Dog should be able to turn back to class and focus on the handler.​

  2. Name Game

    • Dog should respond with distraction and distance to Name.​

  3. Place – Ask from 3 feet away from place in class (no lure) + release

    • At Home: Dog should Place from across the room with a point and verbal place. & wait for release.

  4. Touch – Ask 3+ feet & move around in class (opposite hand baited behind back or in treat pouch)

    • At Home: Dog should respond to Touch from across the room with treat in at least opposite hand.  ​

  5. Sit – + focus from 2-3 ft. away in class (opposite hand baited behind back or in treat pouch) + release

    • At Home: Dog will sit from distance, and hold sit+focus & wait for release

  6. Focus – ask with hand signal – hold 10 seconds in class (opposite hand baited behind back or in treat pouch)

    • At Home: Dog will hold focus for 15+ seconds & wait for release

  7. Heel – 30 steps & right & left turns + focus, change pace in class (with lure if needed, no use of leash)

    • At Home: On & Off Leash dog will go 40+ steps changing pace & direction

  8. “WAIT” and “OK” 15 second wait

  9. Come – Dog will Come towards you with using their name to get their focus before asking.

    • Your dog will automatically come towards you with name, come cue, & hand signal​

  10. Down – ask + hold 5 seconds in class (jackpot ok) & wait for release

    1. At Home: dog will hold for 10+ seconds, plus focus, & wait for release

  11. Stay – 3 feet & in a circle around place in class & wait for release in sit position, and starting down

    1. At Home: dog will stay while you take 15 steps back, to the side, move around, make noise, & turn your back​

  12. Excite / Settle

    1. Dog will stop and sit in the middle of excitement, offer focus, & wait for a release

  13. Puppy Pushups 3 sets out of order

    1. Sit, Down, Sit, Stand out of order & wait for command and release.  Will do verbally and ​with just hand signals.

  14. Leg Weave - Dog will weave following hands for treats to sides in class

    • At Home: Dog will weave when lured without leash on and can complete a figure 8

  15. Back Up / Away – 10 steps in straight line back from you

    • At Home: Dog will go back 15+ steps in a straight line​

  16. Crawl – get 2 ft

    • At Home: Dog will crawl 3-4 feet on cue

  17. Leave It – Dog will leave something on the ground (of low value) on command, continue walking, and turn to handler for reward of something of higher value

  18. Intro Mine - Starting to trade items with your dog.

  19. Intro Go Say Hello - Dog only gets to go see someone if you release them, then call them back to you again

  20. Settle - Relaxed/Sphinx Down in class and at home

  21. Mirror Time at Home – sit & down

Each dog and handler team work at their own pace, so if you miss a class, you aren't really "behind".  

However, each class has "Homework Goals" for where to be at with your skills by the next class, that get slightly more difficult each week and include new things.

By Week 8, our Goals Look Like This:

Skills to Move Up to Level 3

Below is what each handler and dog team must be able to show in a group setting to move up to Level 3. 

Treats are allowed to be in your pouch for Level 2 skills.

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