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Your Pet First Aid Kit

Prepare for an emergency by having important tools on hand.

This page is a work in progress... more items will be added soon!

Your First Aid Kit is NOT your Disaster Preparedness Kit, they're going to be listed here as two different things.  Your First Aid Kit is a component of your disaster preparedness kit.

Have AT LEAST 3 Pet First Aid Kits

1) For Home     2) For Your Car     3) To Carry on Outings With Your Pet

Start With a PreMade Kit

It's easier and more cost effective to start with a pre-made first aid kit,

and adding to it instead of buying every piece on it's own.

Items I Would Add & Why

Assuming you start with a pre-made kit, either human or animal, below

is a list of items I would add and/or ensure are in the kit.

This list is Extensive.  Meaning it has more items than your average pet owner would use in an emergency situation.  However, my thought here is I would rather be over prepared than under prepared and not have what I need to help my pet in the event of an injury or emergency.

Pre-Made Kits to Add to

M17 First Aid Kit

This is the kit I've used as a base for my home & car kits in the past

If on outings like hiking, I use both of these as my carry kits.  I also keep one of the 188 pcs ones in my car.

This is my First Aid Kit List...

I will be updating this page to include links and more info, but for now, here's the basic list...

-     Stretch Gauze wrap

-     Vet wrap

-     Gloves

-     Sterile gauze pads

-     Antiseptic wipes

-     Anti-clotting powder

-     Bandage tape

-     Q-tips

-     Antibiotic ointment

-     Flea and tick prevention

-     Povidone iodine prep pads

-     Saline

-     Tweezers

-     Scissors

-     Rolled gauze

-     A muzzle that fits

-     Gas – X

-     Benadryl

-     Homeopathic Kit

-     Colloidal Silver 500ppm

-     Lavender Oil

-     Coconut Oil

-     Blue Power Ear Treatment

-     Canned Chicken

-     Honey

-     Karo Syrup

-     Peanut Butter Packets

-     Vanilla Ensure Plus

-     Oral Syringes

-     Hand Sanitizer

-     Hydrogen Peroxide

-     Can Opener

-     Pepcid AC

-     Eye Rinse & polysporin

-     Ice packs

-     Activated Charcoal

-     Colostrum

-     Nail Trimmer

-     Styptic Powder

-     Rectal Thermometer

-     Petroleum Jelly

-     Ear Cleaner

-     Sam Splint

-     Gurney

-     YB


Sanitary Items:

-     Paper towels, puppy pads, plastic trash bags, pet wipes, container of bleach, container of white vinegar, industrial spray bottles, poop bags

Additional Items

-     stethoscope

-     Tweezers

-     Duct tape

-     Skin stapler

-     Tongue depressors

-     Tourniquet

-     Emergency blanket

-     Sharpie 

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