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Cues We Use

Cues we use in training

  1. Name Game : Dog’s head turns toward owner with name with minimal distractions

  2. Touch: dog will walk 3-5 steps to touch hand.Food in touch hand ok

  3. Focus: Hold focus for 2 “good dogs”sFood in lure hand ok

  4. Sit: Hold sit for 2 “good dogs”s

  5. Place: Dog will step onto and sit on place mat, holding sit for 2 “good dogs”s

  6. Down: Hold down for 2 “good dogs”s

  7. Stay: Dog will stay for handler to take 2 slow steps back.

  8. Come: Dog will Come from end of leash, and do a touch.

  9. Walk on Leash: Dog will take 2 large steps with you and automatically sit

  10. Wait:  Dog will hold a 2 second wait, and will wait 2 seconds with open baited palm not at nose level.

  11. Puppy Push Ups:  Dog will do 2 rounds: sit, down, sit, stand

  12. Settle: Dog not squirming to get away from you and remains non-reactive at whatever learning threshold needed.

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