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K9 Manners Class - Pre Course Reading


Pro Tips - The Secret to K9 Success!

#8 Mental Exercise is JUST AS IMPORTANT AND TIRING as Physical Exercise

So I've told you not to put your dog in situations where they're going to practice the things you're trying to stop.  

But what if they're a monster on a leash - don't take them for their walk?


THE SECRET: Exercise can be Mental or Physical - and should always be a mix!

Hang on, don't freak out on me.

For Now.  Just for now! If your dog is horrible on a leash, taking them out on a walk only lets them continue practicing their bad behavior and that's making it harder to make better!!!!

Trust me.  Give me the 8 weeks and lets see if we can get you some improvement!

Instead: work on things like Ditch the Bowl (we'll talk about this week 1)

Scatter Feeding

Playing Ball

You just playing with your dog.

Walk your dog on a leash inside the house or in your back yard!

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