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Our Group Class Program is Undergoing Some Hugely Awesome Updates.

We hope to have the updated info up here for you to read soon!

Our Group Class Program

Just like how our approach to training is unique, so are our group classes!

We want you to be able to Do More With Your Dog, and have fun doing it!  So we created a group class program that makes learning and bonding fun, challenging, and that can fit into your real life!


Just like people, dogs are individuals, which means that they don’t all learn the same way or at the same pace.  We wanted our group class program to work for everyone no matter what their or their dog’s skill level, their dog’s behavior issues, or your schedule!


So, our group class program is based on You and Your Dog’s Skill Levels as a team and the progress you make together. 

Typical Group Classes...

Typical group class models make you attend a certain number of group classes per session to complete the course. 

Then you get a certificate of completion. 


This is hard on your schedule in today’s busy world, and doesn’t really reflect what your dog knows. 


If your dog has already had basic training, they have to go through all the basics again with people just learning, and often people feel frustrated or like it’s a waste of time.  On the other side, if your dog just isn’t getting the particular behaviors, as the weeks progress you feel like you’re falling behind and get frustrated and defeated.


We didn’t want that to be the case in our group classes...


How K9 Manners Group Classes Work

Our Classes are Skill Based.  

This means each group class contains dogs at only 2 skill levels.  So you'll always be working around dogs at or around your skill level.  

Higher level dogs provide a calm distraction for lower level dogs, and lower level dogs are a more active distraction for the higher level dogs to have to work around.

You move up in the Levels by being able to demonstrate that as a team you mastered the skills for that level!

How Does This Uniquely Organized Program Benefit You?

  • Succeed by skill level as a team! 


  • Completion of a level isn’t based on perfect attendance! 

    • Which is easier on your busy schedule.  If you miss a week or two you won’t fall behind in the curriculum being worked on when you come back!

    • You must attend at least 2 sessions at your level, to move up

  • You will feel more successful with your dog, because you’ll have a clear idea of what you’ve learned and accomplished together as you move through the levels!

  • The Levels are Fun! And meant to keep you and your dog’s relationship growing along with your skills.

  • You won’t fall behind if you miss classes!

  • You won’t have to wait to learn new things because the rest of the class is focusing on “beginning” skills.

  • You won’t feel left behind if other teams are picking up more advanced things if you’re getting tripped up by a behavior.

You sign up for classes in 8 week chunks...

Think of it like a 2 month dog training gym membership!  You have the option to come to practice and learn the skills once a week in a  controlled environment!

You come to whatever sessions you can to practice your skills.

So Do You Even Need To Come To Class? …YES!


The levels’ skills build upon each other!

  • So Level 1 teams will keep mastering the foundation of behaviors until they’ve mastered communicating with their pup.

  • Level 2 teams will grow on those same skills by making them harder and learning a more skills too!

Passing the levels requires your dog can do the behaviors in a group setting around distractions. 

You can’t pass the levels by just learning the behaviors at home, and never work around other people and dogs

Everyone Starts at Level 1

Trainer’s train differently, and I need the chance to build my relationship with you and your dog before we tackle the hard stuff!


In Level 1:


We Focus on basic relationship building skills.

The goal is to get relaxed dogs in the group setting and get you a solid communication base with your pup.

You’ll be half way to earning your “Novice Trick Dog Title”


A Note on: Reactive & Shy Dogs
They are welcome in all our classes

You may be at Level 2 for a bit longer, and that’s ok. Because the goal is getting your dog controlled exposure while learning.

The K9 Manners Levels

Level 1: Relationship Building Basics

Level 2: Learn Your Manners & Earn Novice Trick Dog Title

Level 3: Bulletproofing Your Manners & Earn Intermediate Trick Dog Title

Level 4: Working Up to Canine Good Citizen Level Skills

Coming Soon...

Level 5:

Advanced Trick Dog Title

Level 6

Expert Trick Dog Title 

and Coming Soon...







Puppy Pre-K 

A FREE Online Puppy Support Group

It will run for 1 month teaching you all the info you need to be able to start training your puppy at home while it’s still not safe enough for them to be out and about!


After the month, you’ll be added to our general support group and on your way to being ahead of the game to start group class socialization when your pup is ready to safely leave home!

Starts October 14, 2017

Shy Dog Support Group

Is your dog Shy?  Do you sometimes feel lost in how to help them?  Shy Dog Support Group is here to help!  Bring your shy pups for an hour of quiet and soothing socialization with other people and their shy dogs!  We’ll also talk about ways to help them overcome their fears and how to best build your relationship with your pup.  Dogs must be 18 weeks or older.  A Harness Lead is required for class for all the pups’ safety.

Starts January 2018

K9 Manners Practice Sessions

Come practice your dog’s manners and strengthen your relationship in a trainer supervised group without having to commit to multiple weeks at a time!  Sessions are 1 hour long.  Sign up for each session you want to attend and that fits your schedule.  Dogs must be on a harness lead.  We will work on manners, agility, and tricks!  All levels as well as private session clients welcome!

Starts Winter 2018

How Quickly You & Your Dog Learn

It’s going to be different for every team!

Everyone has to figure out how to best communicate with their dog.


Its Up To You!

You and your dog will learn more the more effort you put into building on our skills as a team in class and in your everyday life.


Effort is more about consistency, not special set aside training time.


Every interaction you have with your dog is a chance to train and bond with them.

It's Not Just About Manners!

Training isn’t just about learning Manners! 


We want you to be able to Do More With Your Dog! 

So we’ve added Tricks & Agility to our classes…


Tricks and Agility work are a great way to practice obedience while having a ton of fun with your dog.  We believe training should be fun for you too.


As you progress through K9 Manners Levels, the things you’ll learn will earn you and your dog your Trick Dog Titles through
“Do More With Your Dog!”

Learn More About “Do More With Your Dog” On Their Website!

Why Did We Add Tricks to Group Class?


Trick training provides lots of things to you and your dog:

  1. Mental and Physical Challenges

  2. A Sense of Accomplishment as a team

  3. It encourages communication between you and your dog

  4. The trick training process actually practices the manners that you’re learning in a way that shows immediate results.

  5. Each new trick is a new challenge for you and your dog to figure out together!


What Does a Trick Dog Title Mean?


It’s a testament to your commitment to your relationship with your dog and all the effort you’ve been putting into your bond together.


It says that your dog is important enough in your life to receive your time, your energy, your praise even when you’re busy and tired.  It shows that you love your dog enough to engage with them, to challenge them, to bond with them, and to help mold them into responsible K9 Community Members.


A trick dog title means you believe in your dog even when they failed.  That you gave them another chance even when no one else would.


A trick dog title means that you are an owner who did more with your dog.

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