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Pet First Aid & Emergency Supplies

There are 2 Important Pieces to Being Ready for an Emergency

#1 - Knowing What To Do

#2 - Having the Supplies You Need On Hand!

So, What Do You Need To Have?

We want to really make sure you have the right items you need on hand.

We hope this will turn out not to be necessary for you to have, but know it's important to have If you need it.

We also know you might not know how to use every piece right away, but we know that if you call your vet and they tell you you need to do something to save your pet, that you'll have what you need to help your pet on hand. 

We recommend you have At Least 4 Kits...

One in your house, One in your car, One for your pocket,

And a Disaster One too!

You can start with generic kits, but you should then add to your kit to make sure you have the right things you'll need with your pup.  ​

That's why we've started compiling a list of what you should be sure you have in each of your kits, as well as your disaster kit.  

Keep in mind, our lists are an ever updating thing!

We also try to give you links to exactly what items and brands we use for our own pups.

Disaster Preparedness Kit

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